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Casa de Copii, Hincesti

moldova charity In 1993 the England football team visited Moldova. A UK journalist accompanying them reported on the terrible conditions at an orphanage for disabled girls at Hincesti.

Since then a number of European charities, including Moldova Aid Project, have sent humanitarian aid to the Casa de Copii (literally: 'house of children') at Hincesti, improving the conditions.

In the early nineties with inadequate food, heating and hygiene, deaths at the orphanage reached 32 a year. By 1994, this number had been reduced to two.

Once these children slept in fours in beds that were their playpens, their dinner tables and their toilets. Now conditions at the orphanage have improved with new cots and supplies of bedding and clothes.

When our trustees visited in 1994 the children owned nothing - not a toy or set of clothes that belonged to them alone. Now the dormitories are full of toys and embroidered mats that the girls have made.

Of course, sending clothes, bedding and toys is only a short term solution. Most of the girls at the orphanage are not orphans at all; in the desperate economic climate their families simply could not afford to keep them. The situation is particualary bleak for disabled people in Moldova because it has few facilities to meet their needs and disability still carries a social stigma.
moldova charity The Chisinau City Council, with whom we work closely, is seeking to reintegrate some of the girls with their own, or adoptive families. Some of our aid goes to help children at the project's 'halfway house'.

Our city council contact Ana Gobjila is pictured here with Christina, a resident of the Hincesti orphanage. Christina looks like a toddler but is at least six. Years of neglect and malnutrition stunted her growth.

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