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Where is Moldova?

The Republic of Moldova is a 33,800 square kilometre country situated between Romania and the Ukraine. Once part of Romania, Moldova was absorbed into the Soviet Union in 1940. It achieved independence in 1991.

Moldova's capital is Chisinau. The Transdniestria region to the east of the country is a disputed territory.

Romanians and Russians comprise most of Moldova's 4.3 million population. The official language is Moldovan, which is virtually identical to Romanian.

Moldova's main industries are agriculture and wine production. It has faced severe economic hardship since it became independent. State-run institutions, already poorly equipped by Western standards, face additional problems at a time when the government cannot meet its financial obligations.

The World Bank rates Moldova as the poorest country in Europe with the official average wage about $30 a month. Over half of the population live on less than one US dollar per day.

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